500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course In Pokhara Nepal


500 Hour Yoga Training Become a certified yoga practitioner and teacher while undergoing Yoga instructor Training in Nepal, in the picturesque lap of Pokhara. Learn the art of yoga asana delve into the hidden layers of yogic philosophy and teachings in the gorgeous setting of Pokhara Valley.

A Yoga Teacher Training Certification in Pokhara Nepal, Pokhara Yoga School arrives with a perfect blend of traditional teachings fused with the sources and ambience to practice the art in its purest form. Undergo cleansing rituals and practices for complete purification of the mind and body. The training at the Pokhara Yoga School in Nepal delivers you onto the path of self- discovery and eventual rebirth.


A wholesome combination of 200 Hour YTTC and 300 Hour YTTC the 500 Hour Yoga training course is designed to help you evolve from a basic level yogi to an advanced level yogi within a short span of time without any obstruction in the same in an entire 2-month period at Pokhara Yoga School.

We create a stable, caring and supportive yoga family-like environment where students receive the best yoga teacher training through daily yoga classes under the guidance of experienced yoga teachers.

Pokhara Yoga School and Retreat Center aims to be a heart center of excellence in the areas of healing, meditation and traditional yoga teaching.

Pokhara Yoga School and Retreat Center strives to provide imaginative learning environments and sustainable lifestyles based on the principles of yoga from around the world to improve lives. we also have other website.

Our Vision
We believe that the regular practice of yoga can improve people’s mental, physical and spiritual health.

Our vision is to build a worldwide network of talented yoga teachers and yoga studios by giving them the opportunity to join the international yoga community.

To value registered teachers, therapists and studios in the yoga industry and always strive to help them improve their knowledge and spiritual growth by providing them with opportunities to attend yoga events and yoga retreats. -Participate in workshops and yoga teacher training courses.