Pokhara Yoga School And Retreat Center offer endless breath-taking views of the Himalayan Mountains, the Valley, and Fewa Lake. With its amazing position set on a hilltop, away from the bustling streets, a stunning swimming pool and beautiful gardens. Here, you will experience authentic Nepalese culture blended with modern amenities such as spring water swimming-pool.

Throughout the day you can hear a variety of sounds carrying throughout the valley. Little goats bleating, cows mooing, children playing and birds chirping. The air is incredibly fresh and provides a great opportunity to go outside and do birdwatching every day our garden is visited by beautiful blue kingfishers (birdwatching book is available at the reception).

We offer a very comfortable stay for our guests, letting them escape their everyday life and relax amidst the beauty of nature. Besides, we take pleasure in making your stay smooth by taking care of your needs to the best of our abilities. We welcome you to unwind at our serene, peaceful Yoga School and create some beautiful memories to cherish for a long time.