Yoga Retreat In Nepal Pokhara

Experience the Bliss of Yoga with a Yoga Retreat in Nepal Pokhara

Pokhara has always been one of the prime locations for Yoga Retreat In Nepal. Nothing soothes a restless mind and a stiff body like yoga in the middle of the great Himalayas. There is no alternative to the healing effect of yoga in the midst of Nature. Away from the pollution and noise of the city, you are able to relax in the true sense. The pristine environment helps to detoxify your body and the peaceful ambience calms your soul. This helps to amplify the positive effect that yoga has on you. A yoga retreat in Nepal Pokhara Yoga School is the epitome of these principles. 

Why Come for Your Yoga Holiday in Nepal Pokhara

After India, Nepal is the most popular location for learning yoga among those who want to learn yoga from the roots. Nepal has also been highly involved in the history of yoga. If you want to learn yoga from real yogis who have acquired generations of knowledge from their gurus in ashrams, Nepal is one of the top choices for you. You will learn the true essence of yoga here rather than mechanical instructions.

Nepal presents the perfect environment for learning yoga. It is a highly spiritual place. Learning yoga here is automatically a highly spiritual experience. The stupas and temples here give you the perfect opportunity to explore the holy roots of Nepal and find their reflection in yourself through yoga. Many have been unable to find success in feeling the spiritual side of yoga through simple yoga courses. A yoga retreat in Nepal Pokhara is the optimum way to get there.

The natural environment of yoga is conducive to learning the practice. There cannot be a more peaceful location for yoga than Pokhara, Nepal. Even yogis used to ascend to the heights of the Himalayas for peace and quiet. After all, yoga is a method of finding and reconnecting with your inner self, with God. And what better way to find that than in the untouched natural surrounding created by the Almighty?

Budget-wise too, yoga vacations in Pokhara, Nepal are great. The ashrams here are more concerned with imparting education than earning money. If you are looking for a yoga retreat in Nepal, Pokhara, you will find many that offer world-class systems at highly reasonable rates. At the same time, the money you save can be used to go trekking and mountain-climbing for adventures, shopping and dining for a taste of the local culture and exploring tourist spots.

Yoga Retreat In Nepal Pokhara

Why Choose Yoga Retreat in Nepal Pokhara Yoga Schools

We will answer the first question that is on the mind of everyone searching for good yoga vacations in Pokhara, Nepal. Pokhara Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance certified. So, you will get top-grade instructions in yoga here. The teachers are all highly trained and remain up-to-date with recent developments. After a yoga retreat in Nepal Pokhara Yoga School, you will notice visible improvements in your style and technique.

The yoga retreat course is also created quite thoughtfully. We try to cover all the main aspects of the curriculum. We also go into the finer details that yoga students and would-be teachers look for after completing a certification course. The yoga retreats are meant to refine your techniques and correct your postures in the way serious learners and instructors want and need. The longer the retreat you choose, the deeper your learning will be.

You will also find world-class accommodations in Pokhara Yoga School for its yoga retreats. Even in the midst of nature, you will find yourself in great luxury. Top-class living quarters, vegetarian meals made with fresh organic vegetables straight from the garden and herbal tea will keep you fully comfortable. You will also have all day running hot and cold water and spring water for bathing and swimming in the pool. And all of these, at the most shockingly competitive rates.

The view is stunning and the environment soothing in the Pokhara Yoga School. It was created keeping in mind how the ambience can affect people when they do yoga. After all, it takes years of practice to get to the point where you can focus even in the most distracting environment. But even then, nothing compares to the bliss of doing yoga in the natural environment, like the one you find in Pokhara Yoga School yoga retreats.

What Are Your Options in Pokhara Yoga School for Yoga Vacations in Pokhara Nepal

We always have ample dates lined up so that you will not have trouble finding a suitable one for a yoga holiday in Pokhara, Nepal. We also have retreats of various lengths so that people with or without time restraints can join us. You will find retreats as short as 2 nights and 3 days long and as long as 20 nights 21 days long. Each retreat comes with the option of private accommodations or twin-sharing rooms, priced accordingly.

The exact rates are provided in the chart below:

Type of Yoga Retreat Twin-sharing Room Private Room
2 night 3 days $ 100 $ 130
4 night 5 days $ 180 $ 210 
6 night 7 days $ 350 $ 415
12 night 13 days $ 499 $ 545
14 night 15 days $ 679 $ 735
20 night 21 days $ 679 $ 1199

No matter which plans you choose, the yoga retreat will have two yoga classes in the morning and two in the evening. You might think this is gruelling, but in reality, it helps you relax and truly reap the benefits of yoga. You will also get three meals a day that is, obviously, fully vegetarian and unlimited herbal tea. Additionally, for bathing or swimming in the infinity pool, we use spring water. Springwater has been known to have a cleansing and healing effect on the body. This will do wonders to your sore, spent body.

So contact us today to know more about our yoga retreats in Nepal, Pokhara. You can WhatsApp us at +977 98560 27660 or you can email us at Alternately, you can also go to the Contact Us page of our website at, fill in the form therein and submit it.