Practice yoga in Nepal for a vibrant life

yoga retreats in nepal Pokhara

Practice yoga in Nepal for a vibrant life

yoga retreats in nepal Pokhara

Yoga is a tool practicing that brings balance relaxation, discipline, health, happiness, and a sense of humor into our lives. The philosophy of yoga talks about uniting people and connecting them to forge strong relationships. It talks about being humble and letting go of one’s ego. Yoga in Nepal is a popular place that is called the yoga capital of the whole world.

They help in offering authentic yoga messages to all in one place right away. You can find these training programs in a centralized place in Nepal. It is surrounded by greenery, dense forest, and huge spiritual energy. The serenity and calmness of this place make it a one-stop place for all that want to learn yoga. 

Pokhara Yoga School

Set up with this mission of bringing balance to everyone’s life, Pokhara Yoga School Nepal has been ever since spreading the knowledge of Yoga. The institution has been on a crusade to empower the whole of humanity to live a life more vibrant and creative. The institution is a Yoga School in Pokhara, Nepal, famously known as the birthplace of yoga. 

Pokhara Yoga School is a famous institution in Nepal. We provide yoga teacher training, yoga course, and yoga training in Nepal. Pokhara Yoga School hired core professionals and trained teachers to provide the best service to all. At the end of every course, we offer an international yoga certificate. That certificate will help one to become a professional yoga teacher in the future. Our 100 hours, 200 hours yoga training course in Nepal, are for the beginner, and 300 hours, the online 300 hours yoga course is for the advanced level. Yoga TTC help to teach the trainee about the different method of yoga posture 100-hour yoga teacher training course in Nepal.

These experts are known for offering teacher training in Yoga in Nepal and have a professional team that is well-versed in Vinyasa and Ashtanga, pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy, and yoga anatomy. All these things help them in turning out as professional yoga instructors. 

Flexible Hours Of The Training Program

Their 100, 200, 300, and online 300 hours of training programs are designed exclusively for all intermediate, starters, and advanced practitioners of yoga across the globe. If you are also keen on learning yoga and looking out for a peaceful place, then Nepal can be your one-stop solution. 

This is something that offers an amazing yoga retreat all around and where one can meditate, relax, and can reflect on the mesmerizing views of rivers that flows nearby. The training expert that offers a Yoga course in Pokhara, Nepal also teaches the student about different techniques as to how you can perform yoga asanas which can be highly fruitful for you. 

If you are having a strong desire for growing emotionally, mentally, and physically in all aspects of life, then you must enroll yourself in a good yoga course now. You can get ready for lifting the yoga practice for having a rejuvenating experience through these top schools. 

Pokhara Yoga School offers a 100-hour teacher training course in Pokhara, Nepal. 

This course is for beginners who do have not enough time to complete a long-term course. This course is best for someone who has the intention to complete the 200-hour course in two divisions. After completing the 100-hour course (part 1) students can return to Pokhara Yoga School for completing the 200-hour training course by enrolling in another 100-hour course (part 2).

The main aim of this 100-hour yoga training course is to create a consciousness about yoga and help to find enjoyment within the practice in a peaceful place like Nepal. Enrolling in this course means you are taken a single step in the yoga world.

200 Hour yoga training course in Pokhara, Nepal 

At Pokhara Yoga School, the student gets a 28-day 200-hour yoga in Nepal which place is the ‘Land of Meditation‘. This course is for the intermediate student who had experience with a 2-year regular yoga practice at home or somewhere or had relevant experience and also had knowledge beyond the yoga practice. This course contains yoga fundamental and Asana teaching training including alignment, self-adjustment, mudra, bandha, etc. 

Primarily this course teaches in English language but is followed by Sanskrit and Hindi as well. This course also tells us the history and philosophy of yoga that is the origin of yoga and gives a brief idea about the contemporary view of yoga. It provides knowledge of the human body, fitness, health, and biochemical structure.  As per professional practice, this course provides planned classes, self-evaluation, risk factors, and the business of yoga. Our guidance and support help you to reach your goal of becoming a yoga teacher.

300-hour yoga teacher training course in Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara Yoga School offers you an advanced yoga course that is a 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Nepal, the city of yoga. You have to need a 200-hour yoga TTC certificate for enrolment in this course. This course helps to spread your knowledge on advanced yoga teaching skills and create a useful structure for your 200-hour yoga course. After completing this course, you become a senior yoga teacher anywhere in the world.


yoga in Nepal has provided a 300-hour yoga teacher training course whose schedule is designed in a way that keeps the student aware of the subject throughout the day as well as allows them to spend some time on their own. This makes the schedule the best integration of the theory and practice of yoga. Due to this, the student can be energetic in all the classes.