What You Should Know Before Joining Beginner Yoga Class

Beginner Yoga Class nepal - 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Nepal

What You Should Know Before Joining Beginner Yoga Class

Beginner Yoga Class nepal

Most people who join yoga do it considering yoga as a type of exercise only. They do not like the generic way of doing exercises in the gym and they are not motivated enough to do it by themselves at home. Yoga seems to be a good choice at this point. After all, they have heard only good things about it. They have heard that yoga not only has a lot of physical benefits but it also positively affects their mental and emotional states. So why not join a beginner yoga class and try it out? Well and good. But, the thing is, it hardly ever remains such a casual matter for most of the future yogis. These people become so impacted by the effects of yoga on their lives that they often end up dedicating their lives to it. And no one ever lives to regret that decision. 

Yoga ends up becoming a journey of self-discovery for them. And the journey does not end here. Many yogis decide to become lifelong students in the philosophy of yoga. Whereas many others decide to spread the light of yoga to the rest of the world. That’s right. They decide to become yoga teachers. But you cannot just become a yoga teacher by wanting to be one. There is a long, eventful ride between making that decision and actually getting to the point of teaching yoga. You have to first graduate a beginner yoga teacher training course i.e. 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Nepal and earn enough experience in teaching. You may also decide to do more advanced courses, but that comes much later. The first step is the one that counts the most and that is the beginner yoga teacher training class. And that is the one we are going to talk about here. 

What to Consider Before Joining Beginner Yoga Classes

Because the first step is so important, it needs to go right. Otherwise, your experience might not be good enough to convince you to continue with yoga. For this, you need to put in a lot of thought and effort before joining beginner yoga teacher training. You must peruse the following before making a final decision:

Consider your goal 

Before you actually take up beginner yoga classes, you must take a lot of time to consider if you really want to do it and if it is really for you. Becoming a yoga teacher entails hours and hours of dedication and experience. You cannot just take a course and become one. You will need to constantly keep learning and updating yourself. It is only with months of teaching practice that you can get to a point where you will be confident to take on any class. You will have to dedicate yourself entirely to this if you want to get anywhere.

It requires money 

Yoga teacher training is quite an investment. If you want to go all the way, it will require a few thousand dollars. All students would want a verified teacher who can give them the world-class education they expect. This means a US Yoga Alliance Certified yoga school is the best choice and the fees for those will not be insignificant. You must be ready to spend that.

There is more than Asanas 

If you think of yoga as just a form of exercise, you will be in for a nasty shock. If you read some Indian history, you will find that it is a way of life. This means that to embrace the true yogic life, you will have to embrace those habits, practices, diet, or in one word, that lifestyle. Make sure you will be able to adapt to that.

You will have to open books again

Becoming a good yoga teacher will require you to study a lot. You will need to study the old yogic canon texts, the history of yoga, all the theories and principles of yoga, and much more. Yoga is not just memorizing a few postures. Your students will not have faith in you unless you know what you are doing.

Do your research

Never just choose the first beginner yoga teacher training course that shows up in your search results. Do thorough research about the reputation of the school, the quality, and content of the course, the style of yoga taught, the location, the opportunities thereon, etc. Remember, if your school experience is bad, it may put you off yoga teacher training forever.

What to Expect in Beginner Yoga Teacher Training

Anyone who enrolls in beginner yoga classes will obviously have some expectations. While some of them will be met, we can guarantee that you will be quite surprised too. It is, after all, very new for everyone in that class. So we will give you a little heads-up right here:

  • Do not expect your beginner yoga teacher training to be easy and laidback, especially if you had pursued a yoga style that was relaxing as a student. There will be a lot of hard work and sweat, there will be exhaustion and soreness. 
  • But at the end of the day, it will be worth it. The impact on both your physical and mental health will be immense and fulfilling.
  • As we have already said, there will be studying. Many schools also encourage you to maintain journals.
  • One thing no one tells you but is universally accepted is that there will be a lot of emotions, including crying. Yoga brings out your inner, pent-up emotions. That, mixed with the physical upheaval your body is going through, will cause those feelings to come out.
  • There will be a point at the beginning where you will be scared. You may even hate it. You will be on the verge of giving up. But we guarantee that if you just hold on till the end, all your hard work will bear its fruits.

How to Choose the Right Beginner Yoga Classes for You

Choosing a beginner yoga teacher training school is absolutely up to you. But if you have been looking for an international-grade yoga ashram in Nepal, we would recommend Pokhara Yoga School to you.