When is Vinyasa Yoga Classes the Right Choice for You

Vinyasa Yoga nepal and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Nepal

When is Vinyasa Yoga Classes the Right Choice for You

Vinyasa Yoga Classes and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Nepal


Vinyasa yoga is also far more dynamic than the other yoga forms. It is more athletic and gets the body moving more, This helps people lose weight and achieve peak health faster than other yoga forms.

Although yoga started as a single philosophy back in its inception days, it has branched out greatly. Today, you can practice yoga as a lifestyle or principle, you can study it as a theory, you can practise it as a form of exercise or you can learn it to teach others. But it is not just the principle itself that got branched. Many different yoga styles too, have emerged. Each style has a different approach and therefore, different merit. Of all the forms that have emerged, one of the most popular ones is Vinyasa. In fact, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training is one of the most popular yoga classes today.

Vinyasa, like yoga itself, is also a philosophy. It denotes change or transition. In the Vinyasa Yoga Nepal, this is apparent in the transitional asanas that are used to build-up to the main asana before returning to the original position through more transitional poses. In principle. Vinyasa represents the movement of life through various fixed stages. We move through infancy, childhood and adolescence to adulthood, which is the peak, and then, down via old age. In the end, through death, we return to the same state we were in before being born – a soul that is a part of the universe. 

What Advantages of Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga, like the principle of Vinyasa, has a purpose that may not be visible immediately. But it is revealed to us through our minds and bodies as we progress further into it. Some of the upsides of doing Vinyasa yoga teacher training are:

  • From a strictly physical point of view, the continuous movements in Vinyasa help to increase the heart rate and blood circulation. The increased blood flow to organs increases the nutrition and oxygen supplies to them, helping them function better.
  • Vinyasa pushes the body to create heat. This has two effects. First, it helps burn weight. Second, it causes you to sweat which allows the body to remove more toxins from the body.
  • Since the restful moments are not idle but have the transitional poses or vinyasa at those points, the body does not lose its momentum at any point. This helps the body develop tenacity and pushes the limits of the muscles.
  • Vinyasa is also a great option if you want to enhance body flexibility. Since you move from pose to pose through movement, it does not just enhance static flexibility but also dynamic flexibility and mobility.
  • The asanas in Vinyasa are mostly the same as in other traditional yoga so you get every benefit of the individual asanas too.
  • Vinyasa puts great stress on corresponding each movement to your breath through Ujjayi breathing. This exponentially increases the benefits of each pose and teaches you to control your body precisely.
  • Vinyasa helps you achieve balance and harmony in your body. This is one of the principles of Vinyasa.
  • The dhristi technique of focusing on one point visually as you move from one pose to another teaches you better focus and inner peace.
  • Another principle in Vinyasa is bandhas. Bandhas are muscle or sphincter locks that help to lock the prana or energy flow around the chakras. This causes a more efficient flow of energy to all parts of the body, resulting in holistic health improvements.

What Are The Variations of Vinyasa Classes You Have

Vinyasa is somewhat an umbrella term. Its modern inception happened under T Krishnamacharya and K Pattabhi Jois. From them, many Indians and foreigners learnt the style. Many of them, in turn, went and developed their own styles. There are a large number of derivatives of Vinyasa because it is one of the easier and more interesting styles. These include Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Power Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Baptiste Yoga, Anusara Yoga, etc. You may choose to take basic Vinyasa yoga teacher training first before specialising in one of these. Or you may directly join one of these special Vinyasa classes if you think they suit you better.

Why Should You Join Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Besides the health benefits of Vinyasa yoga classes, there are also certain practical reasons that yoga teacher training in specific Vinyasa style is more popular. The learning curve for Vinyasa is much smaller than that of the other styles. You can simply follow Vinyasa Krama and start teaching. Later, you can practise and do classes to gain the expertise necessary for mixing and matching the poses. In fact, this is exactly how K Pattabhi Jois learnt Vinyasa yoga and created the more rigid Ashtanga Vinyasa style.

Another major reason for the popularity of Vinyasa classes is that it is safer. Since in most classes, the poses are not repeated day after day, the chances of repetitive motion injuries are low. Of course, as in any form of yoga, improperly done poses can result in injuries, but the chances are lower. 

Not only that, but the variations in Vinyasa yoga classes make learning this yoga style more fun. In fact, many students leave other yoga classes midway to join Vinyasa certification course simply because they got bored. 

Also, in Vinyasa yoga classes, a sequence includes poses of all the stages. This is unlike other yoga styles where you must complete one stage of yoga before moving on to the next. Thus, you can reap the benefits of all the stages right from the beginning, providing all-round benefits.

What is the Best Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Option

You can only take full advantage of the benefits of a Vinyasa instructor course if you learn from a good yoga school. If you are looking to take Vinyasa yoga classes in Nepal, Pokhara Yoga School is one of the best options you have. The international grade of the Vinyasa classes coupled with the perfect yoga-learning environment of Pokhara makes this your best choice for a Vinyasa YTTC.